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WhatsApp Chat Bot: solve any issue without leaving your favorite messenger!

How can you facilitate your users’ life while promoting your brand? WhatsApp bot is the most efficient and user-friendly way to offer your service or brand. Using chat bots on WhatsApp platform you are able to help the user find necessary information, schedule his day or book the tickets without leaving his favorite messenger, as the communication with the program is performed in the form of a simple chat.

  • Chatbots for routine use

    Create a WhatsApp bot that helps the user to cope with the routine tasks, thus making your brand well-known. This type of chat bots includes weather chat bots, notification programs, entertaining robots or scheduling bots – each bot that is used to ease everyday tasks.

  • Booking Chatbots

    WhatsApp chat bot for booking is useful to reduce managers’ workload. it is looking for a tickets or restaurant table on the web, and allows to order it via the messenger. It helps to reduce the workload of your managers and provides the user with an easy way to book what he needs.

  • Business Chatbots

    Integrating bots in WhatsApp, you can increase your brand loyalty, reduce manager workload and promote your service and goods. Chat bots for business can send notifications to your partners, offer your services and goods or conduct surveys to gain data about your target audience.

WhatsApp robot for routine tasks: find any information you need without opening the browser

Create a WhatsApp bot and let the user find any information he needs via his messenger. Launching useful, informative or entertaining bots, you can promote your brand name or increase brand loyalty by helping people with their every-day demands.

  • Informational Chat Bots

    Create a helpful WhatsApp bot that will look for a different information upon user’s request so there is no need to open another app.

  • Educational Chat Bots

    Educational chat bots are used to help the users with educational tips, translation or other instructional data.

  • Entertaining Chat Bots

    Entertaining chatbots for WhatsApp are advisors that recommend movies, music, give information on current events, etc.

Booking chat bots: reduce managers’ workload and let people order your service via messenger!

Booking bot for WhatsApp allows you to reduce your managers burden by accepting booking orders on tickets, rooms or tables at restaurants. It also makes your company more client-oriented as the user can leave orders and book your service through his messenger without spending time on searching the web himself.

  • Restaurant Chatbot

    Provide your customer with the WhatsApp message bot and let him order the place at your restaurant simply in a form of chat.

  • Traveling Chat Bot

    Develop a WhatsApp web bot to help your customers order your company tickets, whether they are flight ticket or bus tickets.

  • Ticket Chat Bots

    Ticket chatbot for WhatsApp will help to boost ticket sales for any concert or cinema. The user will find necessary event much faster.

Business Chat Bots: boost your sales and promote your brand with no efforts

With our business chat bots, you can improve customer relations and promote your service without big financial investments. The chat bot can gather information about your target audience, offer goods from your catalogue or give primary consultation to your customers.

  • Consultation Chat bots

    This type of chat bots gives consultation to the customers about basic issues and answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • Catalogue Chat bots

    The chat bots provide your customers with all information from your catalogue, including range of goods, their specifics and price.

  • Survey Chat bots

    The bots can conduct surveys asking your target audience personal questions, analyzing data and providing statistics.

Customized Chat Bots: create a unique chat bot

We can develop a chat bot with a unique functionality according to your specific idea. You can come to us with any concept and we will bring it to life: make a prototype, develop a product and help with its launch and further monetization.

  • Idea examining and adjustment

    You came to us with an idea of what you want to see. And we recommend modification to make the product more useful.

  • Idea implementation

    We combine your idea and our expert knowledge to develop a thought out product that attract user buy its perfect conversational UX.

  • Project support

    We do not leave the product after its launch, but support it in marketing and technical spheres making modifications and corrections.

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