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With Grizzly Digital Company you can use a new way to promote your business – chat bots for any purpose.

Development of Telegram Bot: a new way to streamline business processes

Would you like to reach the highest level of communication with your customers? Do you want to provide them with the convenient and easy way to order your service? If so, try a new simple way of interaction with the customer – chat bot for Telegram!

A primary function of all Telegram chat bots is to make the user’s life simple. These artificial interlocutors have a set of purposes, such as:

  • Chat bot for routine tasks

    These programs are used to perform every-day tasks and give the user specific information upon request. They include translation robots, bots that send notifications, weather bots, etc. They perform simple tasks and don’t require new app installation.

  • Booking Chat bots

    These programs have a narrow focus and allow to find and book tickets, room or other service in no time without making any extra efforts as opening additional apps and searching through the web. The robot finds the service for you and allow ordering it.

  • Business Chatbots

    A proper chat bot can sufficiently reduce the workload of your managers, communicating with thousands of customers at once: giving them necessary data, asking questions or gathering personal information. It optimizes your work and increase sales.

Chat bot for routine tasks: get any information in no time

Using these robots for Telegram your customers will be able to perform most of the routine tasks that usually require several different applications. Without leaving the messenger they can schedule the day and get notifications, learn the weather, find necessary movie or music, look through the event guide.

  • Informational Chat Bots

    The bots send weather forecast, news or other data upon request. They allow finding info without visiting any websites.

  • Educational Chat Bots

    These robots provide educational information, learning tips or translate necessary phrases in a form of a simple chat.

  • Entertaining Chat Bots

    If you cannot choose a movie, find a music piece or don’t know what to cook with the available ingredients, use these bots.

Booking bots: Chat Bots to Find and Book any Service

Programming Telegram Bots for booking travel tickets, hotel room or other service will allow you to improve your company’s customer service as you let your users find and order the service without opening any other app besides his Telegram messenger. Create bot for Telegram instead of hiring another manager.

  • Restaurant Chat bot

    You don’t need to hire a new manager to make reservation if your chat bot can accept and analyze orders from your customers.

  • Traveling Chat Bot

    These robots allow finding and booking any flight or bus. The customer sends his request, so robot finds a relevant transport.

  • Ticket Chat Bots

    Ticket robots provide information on the event guide and send the customer link to the order form page for the chosen event.

Business Chat Bots: Improve Business Processes and Increase Sales

These chat bots are useful for all companies, especially, for startups, that need to attract their target audience, boost sales or draw traffic to the website. Use these tools and get real clients, learn more details about target users or provide your customers and employees with the necessary information.

  • Consultation Chatbots

    Robots reply to the frequently asked questions, accept orders or gather client’s contacts for further communication.

  • Catalogue Chatbots

    These robots are used to facilitate customers catalogue navigation and help them find necessary good in a matter of seconds.

  • Survey Chatbots

    These bots conduct surveys and analyze collected information to streamline the way you work with clients and increase sales.

Unique Solutions for Telegram: Chat Bots with Customized Functionality

The common chat bot functionality isn’t our only specialty. Grizzly Digital Company team consists of highly skillful development experts who can implement any chat bot regardless its complexity. We take on the project from the idea visualization to its launch and further.

  • Idea adjustment

    We listen to your idea and make some adjustment according to your business niche. Then prepare a technical requirement for a developer.

  • Idea implementation

    We develop a fully functioning chat bot for Telegram that possesses the necessary functionality and exclusive conversational UI.

  • Project support

    We support the project before and after its launch: make required technical modifications as well as give marketing recommendations.

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