Make a Chatbot to Reduce Your Business Expenses and Boost Sales

Grizzly Digital Company is an expert team of developers who can solve any of your business problems with the help of high quality soft. Build a bot and stay in contact with your customers for the whole day.


We can make a bot and integrate it in any sort of messenger app. It will allow you to stay in touch with your targeted users and communicate with them using messages instead of making them install another app on their device.

  • WhatsApp

    Do you want to build up a user-friendly surrounding for your targeted audience? Create a bot for WhatsApp – one of the most popular messengers around the world. The messenger is used by more than 1 billion people and is perfect to promote goods and services, consult or entertain users.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Chatbot programming for the Facebook provides vast range of business opportunities. The Facebook bot platform makes it easier to promote your chatbot, resolving your business issue faster. Booking, information, entertaining chatrobot will be highly appreciated among Facebook users.

  • Telegram

    Telegram messenger intensively supports chat bot development. Using a chat bot for Telegram allows you to stay connected with your user, providing him with the requested information, offering him your service or increasing your brand loyalty. Build Telegram bots and open a new sales channel!


Do you need to find a new way of service promotion? Do you want to shorten expenses and reduce your manager’s burden? Grizzly Digital Company offers ready-to-use solutions for your business! Chat bot development is an affordable way to resolve a lot of urgent business issues.

  • Shopping bots

    We can build an e-commerce bot that will boost your sales! It will promote your goods, find new customers or offer items from catalogue.

  • Survey bots

    Survey bots will gather valuable information about your targeted audience. Thus, you’ll be able to optimize your marketing strategy.

  • Booking bots

    You will improve your service by offering a natural way to find and book tickets. It can also sufficiently reduce burden from your managers.


Grizzly Digital Company is an expert teams of developer who can make messenger bot for any business or entertaining purpose. With our thought-out soft you can improve the state of your business as we not only create chatbot you want, we prefer to build bots that you need on the back of preliminary marketing analysis.

  • Who we are?

    If you want a product that will solve your problem, you need our chatbot company that works from both technical and marketing perspective.

  • Our mission

    Our mission lies in coding a bot that will combine the best marketing and technical characteristics, perfecting your customer service.

  • Our aim

    Our aim isn’t just to make high quality product but to create an overall solution that will boost sales, bring new customers or reduce costs.


Programming bots, Grizzly Digital Company thinks of any detail, creating product with excellent conversational UX. It means that chat bots, developed by Grizzly Digital Company team, can understand difficult requests and provide relevant information. Bot making is the expertise of Grizzly Digital Company that makes high quality product timely.

  • Professional Team

    Our developers are specialists in coding and working with artificial intelligence. They can bring to life your most sophisticated ideas.

  • Marketing analysis

    We don’t just develop software. We do a prior marketing analysis to make the product your targeted user will enjoy and use extensively.

  • Support at all stages

    We guide a project on every stage of bot building and support it after its launch, making needed modifications to upgrade the program.


Do you need a special chat bot for Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Viber? Do you need a robot with a unique functionality? Grizzly Digital Company can develop it! We visualize your idea, make technical specification and create a customized bot you want and your business needs!

  • Idea implementation

    We visualize your idea and make alterations, which help to promote the product. After the prototype is ready, we develop a bot.

  • Making technical modification

    If the product doesn’t fulfill required functions, Grizzly Digital Company team makes necessary modifications.

  • Product support

    After your chatbot is implemented we support it, eliminate defects and alter as you need to make it more useful.

Create the chat bot to solve the burning issue of your business!
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