The Grizzly Digital Company is a team of IT pros who do not set limits to their abilities. Software development, web-development, SEO is not even a full list of what we love to do. Having started as a team of SEO-savvy guys we have developed into a successful software company whose expertise embraces large activity field, including: entertainment, banking, restaurant business, data management, etc. Our key language is Java, but we also successfully script in other languages.

We specially focus on:

  • Desktop software;
  • Mobile software;
  • Web-applications;
  • Bot applications.

Desktop software

The Grizzly Digital Company develops different kind of desktop software. We create different applications for PC or laptop including multimedia apps, communication apps, CRM, etc. Our competent IT specialists are gurus in developing performance-critical and secure products using various languages such as:

  • Java;
  • C/C++;
  • C#;
  • Visual Basic;
  • PHP.

We develop promptly, but thoroughly, remembering about the process of testing and bug fixing.

Mobile software

With an increase in mobile device use, the necessity to create mobile versions of software and exclusive mobile apps has risen steeply. Our generation likes to stay mobile and use smartphones and tablets everywhere. This tendency makes every web-project owner think of their own mobile application that will extend their existence in the global network.

As a young and progressive company we follow all modern tendencies and adapt to the new changes in the Internet world. The specialty of mobile development embraces Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. We code most of our apps in Java and every time the result is a high-performance application with a wide functionality.


Developing a web-application is a complex challenge as such an app should include different functionalities that provide interaction with a user, contact with a back-end data and work with a browser. But they have a number of advantages that include quick data updating, absence of necessity to install the app, etc.

Being our specialty, web-development is performed by highly competent specialists with a vast knowledge in development and modernization of any complexity web-projects from simple corporate websites to huge portals and online shops. To develop a highly operative and user-friendly web-application, we use:

Programming languages:


Java Script





API (Facebook, Telegram, Google)




Spring MVC

Bot development

Believe it or not but bots are everywhere. Messaging bots, transaction bots or workflow bots are often used to automatize conversation or work process. However, in order to make the bot work properly on the basis of messengers or any other resource the app must be re-architected.

The Grizzly Digital Company is able to develop a highly functional bot for any purpose, including messaging, workflow automation or E-commerce. We write in such languages as:

  • Java;
  • C#;
  • PHP;
  • Python.

The Grizzly Digital Company is your solution for developing software that has high performance speed, user-friendly design and wide functionality.

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